Cosmetic Dentistry at Today’s Dentistry in Gibsonia, PA

Designing Your Confident Smile

Cosmetic dentistry can benefit anyone, from patients with advanced dental issues to those who want to change the appearance of their smile.

After 27 years Dr. Matthew LaNeve has built a reputation as the premier provider of cosmetic dentistry in Gibsonia and surrounding areas. Patients trust him to resolve complex problems and to transform ordinary smiles into show-stoppers. A healthy and beautiful smile has positive, life-changing power. That’s because the health and appearance of your mouth affect both your personal and professional life. If you have chipped, discolored, dull, or crooked teeth; a gap you’d like to close up; or you just want a more youthful smile, Today’s Dentistry offers an array of cosmetic dentistry solutions:

To ensure our patients’ satisfaction, we use the newest and best in dental materials. With tooth-colored fillings and metal-free crowns, your dental work will be undetectable, giving you the confidence to go about your daily life as usual.

Smile Simulator

Curious what your new smile will look like? We can show you! This advanced software allows you to see what you’ll look like after your cosmetic procedure. With this option, you can “try on” different solutions to find out which one will best suit your tastes and needs.

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