Dental Bonding at Today’s Dentistry in Gibsonia, PA

Dental bonding involves the application of a dental material to the tooth’s surface surface to give it a new appearance.

Dental bonding is used for various minor issues, like improving the color of natural teeth, covering defects, closing up small spaces, and correcting crooked teeth. It’s a simple procedure that requires very little preparation and can be completed in a single appointment.

What to Expect at Your Dental Bonding Appointment

  • The tooth surface is roughened with a conditioning gel to help the bonding material adhere.
  • The composite resin is then applied and cured with ultraviolet light.
  • Then, the resin will be shaped and polished to give it a natural appearance.

Proper care can extend the life of your bonding. Avoid biting into hard objects like ice cubes and candy. You should also avoid biting your fingernails. If your bonding should become damaged or stained, repair is as simple as bonding new composite over the existing resin.

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