Notice Anything Different?

We do dentistry with a personal touch. Every day, one appointment at a time.

At Today’s Dentistry, our priority isn’t booking as many appointments as possible—it’s getting to know you and your individual needs. We focus on friendly communication and customized care. When you make an appointment with Dr. LaNeve, you won’t get “drive-through” dentistry. He doesn’t pop in to say hello and give you a quick once-over. Dr. LaNeve dedicates his time to you for your entire appointment.

We specialize in cosmetic procedures, including implants, that address everything from minor concerns to more serious dental issues. The end result is a healthy, confident smile that’s a reflection of a unique relationship between you and our dedicated team.

Do we sound like a good fit for your general and cosmetic dentistry needs?

We’d love to meet you! Call Today’s Dentistry, Dr. Matthew LaNeve, at (724) 443-1300.

A few points of pride we’d like to share about our practice:

  • On-time appointments, every time
  • Early morning & evening hours
  • 24-hour emergency appointments for patients of record
  • State-of-the art technology
  • Welcoming environment that feels like home
  • Whole-family appointments
  • No double bookings